November 17, 2009

No Gimmick Open Mic, November 13

... so I didn't go anywhere after the Jawbone reading & just hung around the UAG Gallery while the University folks headed out & the rest of us settled in for the open mic (run by hosted by Mary Panza.

Todd Fabozzi had the perfect seque from one reading to the other with "University of the Streets" from his just-out new book, Crossroads: radical poetry; "The Other America" was about the colonization of native people, then he presented what might happen if "Darwin Twitters Nietszsche".

RM Engelhardt's new poem "2012" has him as tired of the Hollywood Apocalypse as the rest of us; his next poem, as he said, was "Excedra, Excedra, Excedra" an old poem from one of his books, but I couldn't find it ... I read my new poem "Kandinsky's Red Spot," then the older pieces "Poets Talk" & "Her Ass."

The Albany virgin for the night (we always need one) was Marla Segol, imagining "Dream Horses," then "To an Old Lover" who keeps intruding into her thoughts, & then something about mulberries.

This is AlbanyPoets' series on the 2nd Friday of each month at the UAG Gallery on Lark St. (Albany, NY) -- just an open mic, no themes, no features, no free weed, no respect -- perfect.

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Marla Segol -
I recognized her pic : )