February 27, 2010

The Fine Carnival of Hearts and Souls - Poetry Event, February 19

Another RM Engelhardt event, at the Marketplace Gallery at 40 Broadway, with an unannounced open mic, a missing feature & missing backup musician for one of the remaining 3 features (Rob himself), as well as a featured poet who hadn't written any new poems since the last time Rob featured him a couple years ago. The audience included the (remaining) featured poets, the guys who run the gallery (who read in the open mic), 2 lovely ladies who read in the open mic (& were perhaps stalking me), & me, to listen (since it was a "Listening Party" per the Facebook listing) -- oh, I forgot to mention the dog.

The Marketplace Gallery is fine space across from the Port of Albany with striking & edgy paintings & photos, worth the trip on First Friday, or any other time it is open.

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