February 8, 2012

The Collective Presents: Love Jones Open Mic Extravaganza, February 3

The Steamer 10 Theater, 500 Western Ave. in Albany, NY was packed, literally standing-room-only for this variety show event. Bless & Bklyn Shay shared the hosting/MC duties, for a while that is until Bless disappeared & Shay had to kick off the stunning shoes that hurt her feet & take on the duties alone. It was a couple hours of an exciting mix of Love & Sex (inspite of what your mother may have told you, they are often the same thing!) in words, music, fashion & fancy moves -- & give-aways for the ladies.

Some of the more frequent faces on the poetry scene (in addition to Bless) performed, such as Poetyc Visionz (with back up singer, Allison) with a piece from his new CD -- when you see him, buy it), Leslie Michelle (never seen her quite so sexy), & Kevin Peterson. I didn't realize it was an open mic -- apparently you had to speak to Bklyn Shay to get on the list, which I didn't know, otherwise there would have been 2 white boys on the program.

It was good to see Nicky Negrito (i.e., Black) performing again, & I recall seeing Q Diamond performing her poems some time in the past. & who could forget ever having heard Naughty Poetry with her XXXX-rated poems, tonight doing "Cum With Me" ? Phew! L Majesty sang, but most of the ladies I suspect just watched. Self always seemed surprised to be up there, & there was Lady Sunshine & Stag Money & Poetess & Indy & others whose names I didn't quite catch. The night's virgin, Black Butterfly, first did one piece to "the ladies who give too much" & then the heated "Ode to My Beautiful Black Man."

In addition, there was a lip-synced dance spectacle with the group called Elements & the very sexy models. C Her Sparkle showcased these same sexy models in some of her fashion creations & gave out gift bags containing her jewelry & even shoes to some of the lucky ladies in the audience.

Both Ric Chesser from Steamer 10 & the folks from the Collective were looking to make this a regular event, & based on the talent & the turn-out I expect it will be, so watch for it.

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