February 3, 2012

Southwest Flight 2095, Seat 8A

        “Hot pants! --  James Brown

Waiting to board our plane
I watch the passengers leaving
the flight that just arrived
know one of them sat in the seat
I am about to take, share our
anonymous intimate relationship.

Then I see her, know that’s my seat
she’s been sitting in for the last 2 hours
the tall woman with bleached hair
not afraid to show black roots
wear a black leather jacket
knee-length black boots, &
black leather hot pants.

     She walks down the aisle
     I see her smile
     & her
     black     leather     hot pants

     She’s looking really cute
     wears knee-high boots
     black     leather     hot pants

     I watch her pass
     & admire her ass
     & her
     black     leather     hot pants

The flight home had never been so sweet.

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