April 4, 2011

Oklahoma Sunday

Driving this straight Oklahoma highway
I wonder if in another life, or
if this one had taken another turn
I’d be on this highway on a Sunday again
in a pickup truck, a Sliverado or Ford 150
wearing a cowboy hat, or ECU baseball cap
driving to Christ Church or the Highway Tabernacle
or This or That Baptist Church
over Little River, or Big Creek
or the dried bed of the Canadian River
up & down the roll of the hills
past grazing cattle
the tree-lined creek beds
through one Indian Nation, then another
the red dirt like a plow rusting in the field
playing Country music on the radio
while some outlander passes me
wearing a beret, in a rented Nissan
playing classical music on the radio.

1 comment:

Jeanetta Calhoun Mish said...

Love it, Dan! And again thanks so much for the photos and updates from Scissortail allowing me to attend vicariously.