April 6, 2011

Albany Poets Presents!, April 5

Poets hanging out at a bar, drinking beer -- what could be better? Maybe if we added some poems! Stacey Stump had shown up to write about the open mic for an online journal, so when "Screamer" showed up, we had our minyan (or at least the poets-at-Valentines version), with Thom el Presidente Francis doing the heavy lifting as MC.

It seemed to be the "P" poems tonight for the poets that, briefly, read. "Screamer" (Amy Fortin) read a very sexy lust poem, "Pillowhead." I ran through my new piece, "The Pussy Pantoum."

Then Stacey Stump read an untitled piece that said she was not pregnant, not going to be a mother.

There was the usual generous dose of gossip, so if you weren't there, know that it's possible we talked about you; also, a cameo appearance by Mary Panza, confessions, trash talk & trading of poems at the bar via smart-phones. Like every 1st Tuesday at Valentines on New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY, 8PM -- take a chance next month.

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