October 23, 2021

Writers Mic, October 13

Another of the regular, monthly open mics surviving very well, thank you, on Zoom, hosted by poet Jackie Craven, with a “virtual” sign-up sheet on a clipboard "virtual” .

With this the season of baseball, I read 2 poems on that theme, “The Cardinal” from my 2019 chapbook, Baseball Poems (A.P.D.), then a short piece (one of my “poem cards” I keep handy to give away) “Dusty Baker.”

Scott Morehouse, always one to amuse us, read a trick or treat piece, “The Halloween Visitor” an absurdist tale (“I come to discombulate…”) with an Halloween appearance by Gertrude Stein of course playing with words in Gertrude Stein style.

David Graham began with a memory poem, “Back Lit” on a student’s suicide, then pondered "how can they be?" in a piece titled “Talking with Uncommitted Voters.”

Looking thru his back files of pieces inspired by his tavern job, Alan Catlin came up with a dialogue between a bartender & a clown, & mentioned his recent book of fiction from Alien Buddha press, Chaos Management — look for it; he finished up with a dystopic vision of grandchildren in odd colors titled “Melancholia.”

Sarah Chaviano added a bit of humor to the evening with a piece titled “Eating Your First Lobster: The Lobster’s Point of View.”

Our host, Jackie Craven, said she was reading some old ones too, began with “Under Anesthesia I Remember Watermelon with Slippery Seeds” in which she mixed the now & the future, then the funny, imaginative “As The Last Egg in the Carton I Should tell You About the Others.” 

So if you want to share your writing — funny, dark, imaginative, whatever — with this funny, dark, imaginative, whatever group & read in this open mic on the 2nd Wednesday of each month on Zoom, you can find information & the link on the WritersMic Facebook page. Do it.  


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