April 28, 2008

Albany WordFest 2008, Part 1

Before I get into the parade of readers who filled the weekend of April 18 & 19, I wanted to draw your attention to the latest in the continuing series that is Other:____, currently edited by AlbanyPoets el presidente, Thom Francis.

Other:Nine contains the work of 16 poets, mostly local, with such familiar open mic names such as Nicole Karas, Shaun Baxter, Chris Brabham, & me. Some, like Hollice Danielle Wiles & Tom Harmon I wish I could hear more of. & others apparently are just hiding out writing poems -- yeh!

But most I was thrilled to see the return of Miss Mona (I didn't know her last name was Ferret, in fact I didn't know she had a last name). Glad to see her back from her world travels as personal secretary to Paris Hilton (or was that Justin Kimberlake?) & hope to read more of her musings in Other:Ten.

Check it out at www.albanypoets.com & find out how to get a copy.