September 6, 2011

Poets Speak Loud! August 29

Another wild night at McGeary's -- it's beginning to catch on -- with Mary Panza (AlbanyPoets' Dominatrix) as the Host, with a full house. Somehow I ended up first on the sign-up sheet for the open mic, so I did a piece written some months ago but never read out, "The Noon Train," then "The Thunder" (in honor of dear-departed Irene). Joe Krausman read a piece in rhyme written today "The Urologist" (with a bit too-much information), then "A Letter Found in a Dumpster." Carolee Sherwood brought in her poetic heteronym, Bernadette with "Bernadette Breaks Mardi Gra," & a poem about girls competing, "Iceland's Volcano."

Andrena described herself as "a reluctant reader" & debuted (at least in public) her love poem, "Late Spring" meant to be read some months ago. Todd Fabozzi, who has 2 books of poems out, read the "rather new" "The Couple" (what he called "an anti-poem"), then another "anti-poem" commentary on gay marriage, "What Kind of Love," then the "poem" "The Labyrinth of Love's Lonely Outpost." The night's virgin was Ben who read "The Following Tree" (that talks too), then a poem in fractured rhyme about his grandfather, "Cellphones in Heaven." Kevin Peterson was another poet new to Poets Speak Loud! & did a long autobiographical/philosophical rap in short rhymes from memory.

The featured performer was Poetyc Vyzonz who did 2 poems then shared the stage. His first piece was "Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Best" & although he said he "was not a pastor" he does preach, like a motivational speaker offering life advice. His other piece, "Right Now," was read from his smart-phone, a picture of all the things happening now. Then he called up a selection of poets from the audience who each took a turn performing, some with prepared pieces, some free-styling:

Illiptical, Bless, Kevin Peterson, Carlos, Leslie, & Thom Francis, with Poetyc Vyzonz ending with a tribute poem, praising the beauty of his honey.

Back to the open mic Chris Rizzo read 2 selections, one angry, the other beginning with cliches, from a new piece he admitted he didn't understand either. Illiptical did "Must Accomplish" from memory (having done it at another venue from the page). Tess Lecuyer read a piece about a really cold December day, then a series of haikus, everything from cheese & Glenn Beck, to Mary Panza, to weather, even eggplants. Avery cracked us up with a his poem loaded with triangles, "Bikini's on the Beach" (yeah, I look too) & then a poignant one about photos washed up on the tide, "Retouched Memories."

Leslie read a piece written today, "Creative Destruction of the Hater, Part 2" (or, as she said, "taking your punk ass out!"). Bless' poem "Tag, You're It" was about one-night stands & the chain of HIV infections. Carlos was back too with "Heart's Desire" on relationship baggage, & a poem for unknown poets, "For Unheard Voices," both feeling like about the Slam limit of 3 minutes. Sally Rhoades' "Rain Drops Dancing on the River" was a description of just that, then "Ended April."

To end the night, Mary Panza brought back Poetyc Vyzonz ("because he was so generous with his time…") for one more, another motivational piece, "to the fellas," "Poetic Visions of the Perfect Mate" (I'd prefer to be surprised).

All in all, a most energetic evening where Poets Speak Loud! (& well). The last Monday of most months of the year at McGeary's on Clinton Square, well cared-for by Tess Collins & her staff. Check it out at

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