October 16, 2010

Charles Olson Centennial Celebration -- Sunday, October 10 (10/10/10)

Every story has an ending & this is a happy one, tinged with the sadness of endings. We gathered in the black box of Blackburn Performing Arts, for a trio of performances, dance & words & music.

The first piece was "Blue Suit" a theater piece with dancer Kate Tarlow Morgan doing movement & Ammiel Alcalay reading from the poems of Robert Duncan (I think). Then a performance of Olson's "dance play," "Apollonius of Tyana" with Sarah Slifer shedding layers down to white shorts & top, her circumambulation of the stage describing Apollonius' travels, with Mark Wagner serving as the narrator, & 3 musicians.

The final performance was by Gloucester rocker Willie Loco Alexander (on keyboard & vocals) with a drummer & 2 dynamite r&b saxmen playing a variety of covers & originals, including some pieces set to the words of Vincent Ferrini & Charles Olson, such as the sing-a-long, "Life is the Poem." I've bought the CD.

All that was left was the partying at Alchemy on Duncan St. I just hope that the folks at the Dodge Festival had as much fun in Newark as I did here, for a lot less money. Thank you Gloucester & the Charles Olson Society.

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