June 11, 2009

Live from the Living Room, June 10

Sometimes an open mic is more fun when it doesn't happen. Don Levy was locked out of the Capital District Gay & Lesbian Community Center on Hudson Ave. this night; there was no volunteer available to attend the cafe due to the other activities in town for Gay Pride Week. We hung out on the stoop, a pleasant Spring evening, until the featured poet, Alifair Skebe, arrived. Don arranged for Alifair to read in September & we adjourned to DeJohn's on Lark St.  [Photo shows Alifair Skebe reading at the Social Justice Center in July, 2008.]

Over coffee, tea, soda & beer we talked about poetry & writing. Don read a Frank O'Hara poem which prompted a discussion on narrative. Mimi Moriarty & Ed Rinaldi read a poem each, with Alifair complementing Ed on getting his poem going before the "I" jumped in.

Alifair Skebe is a fine poet, we are blessed to have her in the area, & I was pleased to spend some time in her company (beyond running into her & her family at the Flea Market). It was almost like hanging around the living room of the GLCC, except that I could have a beer.

So, as they say at the end of the Uncle Wiggly stories, if ice doesn't fall from the sky & freeze the locks & someone shows up with a key, we will gather on the next second Wednesday of the month at 7:30PM, at the GLCC, 332 Hudson Ave., Albany once again for "Live from the Living Room."