July 30, 2018

The Tin Angel by Paul Pines

This is my book!

“Big deal,” you say. Yeah, a big synchronicity deal.  

Joe Krausman found it today (July 30) in the Albany Public Library give-away bin. It had a sticker inside the back cover with my name & address & an inscription on the title page, “To Dan — Who was on the scene - all best, Paul Pines 9/11/88”.

I had given this copy to someone, perhaps around 2010, who had also hung out at the NYC jazz club the Tin Palace, the setting of the fictional Tin Angel, on Bowery & 2nd St., as I had, back when Paul was the proprietor. I had planned, after giving the older copy away, to buy the new edition of The Tin Angel, but never did.

Over the years I got to know Paul more; he read at the Third Thursday Poetry Night in April 2010, at Poets in the Park in July 2015, & I have many more signed books since when he signed The Tin Angel.

That book had been on my mind since Paul died in late June, & I had forgotten he had signed my copy. Now, in a Jungian gesture that Paul would appreciate, I had it back, thanks to my old friend, Joe Krausman, who says, “It’s just a coincidence.”

Thanks Joe -- & thanks Paul Pines.

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