April 5, 2010

"It's not the Truth, but it's pretty darn close."

When I post a Blog on dwlcx.blogspot.com it is automatically posted in a few hours to my Face Book site. Once it is there, I can tag friends, but otherwise it is available to anyone on Face Book. However, those who access the entries directly at the Blogspot website have a number of advantages over those who read it only on Face Book: the layout is more dynamic, it is easier to access earlier Blog entries which are sorted by "Labels" & by dates, & there is, at the bottom of the page, a list of links to other websites & Blogs (you can also post a comment). Like an old fashioned newspaper there is a Masthead with the name of the Blog: DWx, & the motto: Poems -- & Musings on the Albany (NY) Poetry Scene. "It's not the Truth, but it's pretty darn close." So if you've only read my postings on Face Book you have never seen this disclaimer.

These Blogs that I write are not, as some refer to them, "reviews;" they are not journalism, or "news;" they are simply my idiosyncratic reports on whatever I feel like writing about -- or not. Often I am writing about a poem I have heard once, sometimes in a noisy bar, sometimes with someone talking to me, sometimes while I'm in the bathroom, sometimes read so badly even the poet doesn't know what they just said. I have written satire, I've posted poems, & I've even posted Blogs on events that did not happen (you find them). I'm under no obligation to be truthful, honest or even nice. But I always put my name on what I write & everyone is free to comment in response without fear of being "de-friended" or blocked. I always assume that everyone else is as wrong as I am.

So, as the Romans said, Caveat lector. Or, as I say, It's not the Truth, but it's pretty darn close.