November 19, 2017

2nd Sunday @ 2: Poetry + Prose, November 12

Here we were again with a wonderfully full sign-up sheet, at the Arts Center in Troy, back in the Black Box Theater.

I was up first, read an old Halloween poem “Zombie Gourd,” then the brand-new poem for my daughter Anna, “Waiting for Jacqueline Robinson.” Joe Krausman was topical with a couple poems on lies (i.e., fake news/alternative facts), one a conversation in bed, the other about teeth titled “Falsies.”

Harvey Havel read an excerpt from his latest novel, one about football, “Mr. Big.” Dianne Sefcik, in the spirit of the weekend, read 2 poems about her father who was a combat veteran in World War II “The Road Back” & “22 a Day” (on the larger issue of PTSD). Mike Conner read a piece written years ago on October 17 “The End of 17,” then another piece “Evening Ramble,” thinking of a possible future. Dave DeVries read a poem about stacks of books in a small bookstore on the theme of the “sacredness of space,” then one on the contradictions in a person’s life on the “sacredness of person.” Bob Sharkey’s first poem had a long title, “For the 30 Children Who Died in an Oxygen-Deprived Hospital While We Argue About Policy,” then a poem pondering white nationalism, “After OD’ing on Peanut M&Ms During Game 6.”

Michael Lopez began with a poem for his nephew in the military “I Deserve a Made Bed,” then a poem, “Abundance,” written during the Breathing Lights project about the history of 3209-3211 7th Ave., Troy. Howard Kogan’s poem about an imagined art gallery opening is one I’ve heard before & could listen to again, while “I’m Afraid of Virginia Woolf” is the latest title for a revised poem on love & hate. Elizabeth Gordon read a poem inspired by looking out her front window “Droplets on My Roof,” then one inspired by her Uncle Jackie, a military veteran. Karen Fabiane read 2 new poems, “After the Meadow,” & “Laughter in the Cakes.”

My long-time co-host here, Nancy Klepsch, read a couple of love poems, “We Can Be Each Other's Silly Love Poems” (from her forthcoming book), then one based on Tarot cards, “Happy Ritual #3, for Prietesses & Goddesses.” Peggy LeGee, with her cat’s ears head band, read “Shopping Bag Lady” (with cats). Sally Rhoades brought us home with 2 poems, “As Darkness Comes” on healing, then one written September 13 the self-assertive “The Long Trip Home.”

You can come read poetry or prose at the 2nd Sunday @ 2 at the Arts Center of the Capital Region, River St., Troy, NY each 2nd Sunday of the month at — you guessed it — 2:00PM — Free!

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