March 20, 2014

Nitty Gritty Slam #66, March 18

A unique Slam night at the Linda Auditorium, not our usual place — at touring band booked at The Low Beat kicked us up the block. A good stage, good sound, some of the regular contenders, a bevy of new faces to read, competitive judges — who could ask for more? Oh, yeah, beer — where was the beer?  At least that makes my notes that much more legible.

Mojavi was back to host the open mic & first up was a virgin! Susie read “Spinal Fusion,” a long, funny, Jewish-mother’s tale of surgery, with the tag line “Have I got a son for you!” Brian Dorn, who was also videoing the event, read his commentary on the gap between the Rich & the Poor, “Standard of Living.” Casey, who has slammed before, read a piece written this afternoon about a rape, or a car accident, or both. Pat Irish performed a short rhyme, “My Boston Girl.” Shannon Grant read an appropriately post-St. Paddy’s Day poem, “Drunk State of Mind.”

Rosalie Ruediger

Another virgin, Rosalie Ruediger, read an untitled poem about being alive after her heart was broken. Avery’s piece was titled “Exploring the Wilds, or Reversing the Roles,” a strange domestic scene with his kids, & the ex’s boyfriend. Kahiem was the last open mic poet performing a poem about “a whirlwind of bullshit” relationship.

Nadi Morsch
Then on to the Slam with el presidente, Thom Francis, in his new glasses as the MC, & Kevin Peterson as the sacrificial lamb/goat/poet performing someone else’s poem, that sounded like one of his. The 8 Slammers in the first round were a mix of the experienced & the new, with Bless starting off with his classic performance on social media, followed by virgin Gary & a rhymed “Holiday Happiness.” D. Colin read what sounded like a new piece on trying to find the right make-up, foundation in her color. Nadi Morsch was outrageous & ironic with a performance comparing Oreos & women. Mojavi was just as outrageous with a piece about his grandmother selling pot, & the expected punch-line of his wanting to be cut in. Samson had his own version of the tale of Adam & Eve, & I advised folks of the 27 things one could do with an MFA. The last virgin went by the beguiling handle Morr Tempting but her poem was a tender piece on watching her music students performing.

Samson, D. Colin, Mojavi
While I managed a respectable 24.9, it wasn’t enough to get me to the second round, but Samson, Mojavi, Nadi Morsch & D. Colin did. Samson survived round 2 to be in the money in 3rd place, while D. Colin & Mojavi duked it out in the last round, with D. Colin taking first with a 29.3 on the strength of another of her powerful pieces about Haiti.

The Nitty Gritty Slam, with an open mic, takes place every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month, now at The Low Beat on Central Ave., just 2 doors down from Quail St. $5.00, less with a student I.D.

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