June 1, 2008

Walt Whitman Birthday Celebration, May 31

A Big Thanks to all of you from the community who showed up at the Robert Burns statue in Washington Park on a mixed weather, changeable Saturday night to help in the reading of "Song of Myself" to honor Walt on his 189th birthday (I didn't have that precise fact in my press release but someone at the Times-Union calculated the number & put it in the calendar listing).

In spite of the intermittent rain & threat of lightning, & with the encouragement of a "rational" optimist, we were able to finish the reading of all 52 sections of the poem. Thanks to Thérèse Broderick, Frank Robinson, Mary McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy, Lorre Smith, Mimi Moriarty, Sylvia Barnard, Kristen Day, Don Levy, Gene Damm, Bob Sharkey, Percival Miller, & Sue Cerniglia for joining in.

We hope to be back next year again -- in the meantime, join us for Poets in the Park 2008 on July 12, July 19 and August 2, at the Robert Burns statue, 7PM.