May 19, 2008

Post Traumatic Press 2007 Reading, May 12

Dayl Wise has been taking his band of veteran poets on the road, reading in Woodstock (his home base), Delmar, New Jersey, now in Nyack at the barely opened "Over the Rainbow Cafe" on South Broadway, part of something called the Institute for Living Ethics. At each reading there is different set of poets from the anthology, basically whoever can make it to wherever it is. I've already written about some of these on past Blogs.

Tonight's vets were, in addition to Dayl (who has been writing odes lately, to the "P-38" can opener, his boots), Thomas Brinson, Gerald McCarthy, Jim Murphy (who set this up in his hometown), Walt Nygard (who is not in the book), Jay Wenk, Sam Weinreb & Me. Dayl began by reading one of "Tack" Trostle's poems; "Tack" is now on life-support after a motorcycle accident.

As usual, there was an open mic for local poets that included Alison Koffler, Sam Nygard (son of Walt), and Nyack poets Patti & Tom.

If you want to find out how to get a copy of Post Traumatic Press 2007: poems by veterans, write to Dayl Wise at 104 Orchard Lane North, Woodstock, NY 12498 or email