February 6, 2007

United Artists Books Reading, February 1, NYC

Although Lewis Warsh said United Artists Books hadn't been around for 40 years & of course Angel Hair Books didn't last that long ("I guess it's my 40th Anniversary," he said), David Kirschenbaum's Boog City presented "A 40th Anniversary Celebration of United Artists Books" on February 1 at the ACA Gallery in NYC. It was a fine event anyway, well-attended with cheap books & even door prizes courtesy of Charlie Vermont (winners got to pick 4 books). The Gallery's exhibit of Ralph Fasanella's busy paintings (it's like Grandma Moses meets Where's Waldo?) was a perfect backdrop for the readers.

Lewis Warsh served as MC & read last. The readers were Barbara Henning, who also read a poem by Harris Schiff; Mitch Highfill; Bill Kushner, who read a section of Ruth Altman's "Things I Miss", which included Bill's hair, clearly gone; Bernadette Mayer included a new poem about Eliot Spitzer's inauguration; Dennis Moritz presented 4 very short theater pieces performed exquisitely by Matt & Anna; Tom Savage even sang; Anne Waldman read from "Blue Mosque", a new piece "Corset" & a poem by Reed Bye; & Lewis doing Charlie Vermont.

While the readers were judicious with time, the "band" Legends was interminable, which is bad after a long night, & had 17 endings, so it seemed. I won't mention the refreshments.

The event was part of David's ongoing series: "d.a. levy lives: celebrating the renegade press," check out boogcityevents.blogspot.com, just down the street (so to speak).