January 20, 2007

Oh One Arrow

The Jawbone reading series (where I did my first featured reading at about age 40 neigh on many years ago) is run by the graduate students of the English Dept. of the University at Albany (or SUNY to those of us who still refer to the D&H Building or the Knickerbocker Arena). It is currently being held at Red Square in way downtown Albany.

On Friday, Jan. 19 the Jawbone event was a book release party for Oh One Arrow, an anthology of experimental writing edited by Matthew Klane & Adam Golaski. The book is beautiful -- well designed, crisp, with plenty of space for the poems & a comfortable size.

Not all the poets in the book were there, but the reading included the return to Albany of Lori Anderson (now Moseman), poets Christopher Fritton & Aaron Lowinger, Albany's Pierre Joris, Eric Gelsinger (on Hooters), John Cotter, as well as Matthew (the Mandela's were really mandelas in words) & Adam.

Matthew has been adding his intensely nervously wordplay funplay map poems to the open mic scene here, now has this great document. Check their Blog in the links below, or check out www.flimforum.com.

Jawbone is at Red Square every couple of weeks during the academic semesters. Or, as Mayakovsky once said, "I'll meet you at Red Square."