July 13, 2010

Tuli Kupferberg (1923 - 2010)

Tuli's work with the Fugs, & his provocative drawings, short commentaries speak for themselves. You, gentle reader, can find him in cyberspace, especially on You Tube but here is a start from the LA Times.

I put up a link on my FaceBook page for the hauntingly beautiful "Morning, Morning"  but my first inclination was to post "Nothing." Then, playing the Fugs CDs, I was reminded of "Carpe Diem" & of course, "Kill for Peace" & "CIA Man."

Tuli performed with The Fugs in September, 2003 at Page Hall & these are 2 pictures I took then.

Listen to the music, & sing along, he'd like that.

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Tedi said...

Wow, nice to see. I heard him read years ago @ HVCC & was very honored that Tuli sat with us after the event - just hanging out w/some coffee. Nice tribute DWx