July 7, 2009

Michele Battiste at the Moon & River Cafe, June 19

Still another chance to hear one of my favs, this time in Richard Gennest's Cafe in Schenectady, NY. Michele Battiste did a short reading to promote her book, Ink for an Odd Cartography, among relatives & friends.

Of course she began with the magic & witchcraft of spinning a web around & through the audience, this time with red thread. In addition to poems from the new book ("Like a Sine Curve," "Climbing Brian," "Ode to My New Food Processor" & Ruby Skye") Michele also read a poem from a manuscript pending with Spire Press the poem "To a Heart Still Eager in the Viscous Vicious World;" she also included "Landscaping" which she said she had never read out before, & concluded with "What He Said," for her son.

If she had a fan club (do poets have fan clubs?), I would be president.