June 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, Walt -- May 31

Last night we gathered in Washington Park, at the Robert Burns Statue, to celebrate Walt Whitman's birthday by reading "Song of Myself". There were 12 readers sharing the duties while others wandered in & out, with their dogs, their babies, their ice cream cones, just to listen for a short or long while.

The long lines, the images from everyday life, the musings on philosophy, spirituality, the pure celebration of occupation, procreation, loafing resonated under the trees & on the grass while Robert Burns looked down from his perch. The multiple voices brought to life Walt's vision of democracy & diversity, the true greatness of America in its people.

If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles.

Thank you to our readers Sylvia, Sally, Therese, Miriam, Mimi, Robin, Rebecca, Bob, Noah, Sue, & Marty.

See you all again next year -- & in the meantime, look for the schedule of Poets in the Park, 7PM, Saturdays in July, again under the shadow of Robert Burns in Washington Park, Albany.