April 16, 2013

Live from the Living Room, April 10

Once again gathered in the living room of the Pride Center of the Capital Region, with our host Don Levy.

Tonight's featured poet Carole Rossi Kenyon read first, before the open mic poets. She had copies of her brand-new chapbook, Natural Selection, for sale & mostly read from that, beginning with the first poem "Phase Shift" then "Groove" sounding like young love with a rock musician. Then a couple of poems not in the book, "The Sex of Sound" (about playing a guitar) & "Good Morning H.P. Lovecraft." Then back to the book for the longing fantasy "The Calling" & a poem for her cousin Lori, "Big Rock Candy Condo." Residents of Fulton County took a bit of satiric beating in her poem "The Coming of Area 51 to the Mohawk Valley." On a more serious note was the poem/song "This Heart Was Made to be Broken," & the political piece, "In Honor of Lara Logan." She finished off with "Europa" (one of Jupiter's moons), "Evolver, "Anteater," "A Plan for Harold," & a poem not in the book that she dedicated to Don, "Beached Brain." Carole's book is a tidy, attractive collection, but I find that having all the poems centered on the page gives the poems the look of greeting card verse, which they certainly are not.

Sylvia Barnard was the first of the open mic poets with 2 poems written on a recent trip to New York City to see her daughter, Shiobhan: "Blues for Snake, Whitney Museum" & "Fashion & Impressionism, Metropolitan Museum." I read 2 of my new poems, "Living in Wilcox" & "Nurture or Shooter."

Delilah Grace Koi read a poem written this afternoon, about labels & how people identify themselves, then on a similar theme a letter addressed to her biological name/self, "Dear Marty." Don Levy read a poem responding to a FaceBook page, "Straight Appreciation Month" & a chance-encounter fantasy poem, "Port Authority Love Poem."

As is often the case here, each 2nd Wednesday of the month, a most interesting night of poetry.

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