September 8, 2010


“Give Truth to Jacob, kindness to Abraham...”

and my breath to the sea
                                      like its sound
[breathing in ...]                  breathing out
asanas like beach glass
the surf returns [...] the beach
              the sea takes shells, my thoughts
the year’s conquered inequities
                                   back to the depths

the gulls hang on the wind like        words

“ that you swore to our ancestors from long ago.”

if the sea is the [Torah]
then what am I?
                 a [...] fish?
eyes like God’s – never closed

I toss no coins
                        just sit
breathing in – I breathe in
breathing out – I breathe out

back again
                     this year
as the waves themselves return, return

[to the] depths

Gloucester, September 2004
(The “Tashlich” prayer is said on the first afternoon of Rosh Hashana
by a pool o f water that preferably has fish in it.)

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