November 12, 2008

Woman Words Reading, November 6

This was a reading by a group of writers from the local women writers collective, "Woman Words" founded by Marilyn Zembo Day, who was the MC of the reading. It was held at East Line Books in Clifton Park run by Robyn Ringler. The room was filled with the (women) poets & supporters with a small cluster of us guys lurking in the back.

Marilyn began the reading with a poem referencing other members of the group, "Please Tell Me" (your stories). Judith Prest started with a poem patterned on one by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "I Am Waiting," then a couple poems for her son (one where she wants to paint him, reminding me of D. Alexander Holiday's poems at Caffe Lena the night before), ending with "How Rocks Dance."  Kristen Day read a bunch of crowd-pleasers, "Food Court," "Wasted Words," "Summary of a Meeting," & the rousing rant "Pick a Poem."  

Jan Tramontano teased us with the opening sections of her just-finished novel, Inherently Bogart (any agents or publishers out there?). 

Kittie Bintz addressed "Even Song to the Moon," then the poems "In Choosing Images," "The Snow Came Early" (with it's chant-like repeating line) & "Spring Fed 

Judy Clough's prose memoir was about one of those angst-ridden, embarrassing adolescent moments in dance class.  

Leslie Neustadt delivered a monologue, "Plethora of Parts," about the different ages of her life that are still with her, often at the wrong moment. Leslie Tabor followed with poems,
 "Archangel" (a familiar Albany character), "Varieties of Death," & 2 about storms, "Lights Out," and "Wind Toppled." 

Thérèse Broderick, whose Blog on Ekphrastic poetry is linked below, read 4 poems inspired by paintings in an exhibit of Latin American painters at the New York State Museum.

Marilyn finished out the reading with a non-chronological memoir, "Probably Sober," and, appropriately enough, "Won't," about enjoying writing, reading.

It was a great thing that Robyn Ringler opened up her space to this reading. She has a wide variety of titles, used, new, & out-of-print, all in wonderful shape. Check out the website