October 17, 2007

Miss Mona Reports:
Allen Fisher Reading at UAG Gallery, October 12

[I asked my old friend, Miss Mona, to cover this event for me while I was in Philadelphia. Miss Mona used to comment on the gossip scene in Albany years back & has just been growing old since.]

Friday night [Oct. 12], Albany Poets and Jawbone combined together under the auspices of Pierre Joris to bring British poet and artist Allen Fisher to read at the UAG Gallery on Lark St.  Among some of the poetry luminaries who came out include Mary Panza, Thom Francis, his lovely new wife Lacy, and Dain Brammage of Albany Poets, the coolest Grandmother, A.C. Everson, Keith Spencer, and poetry newcomer Matt Galetta and his girlfriend Tori. I also noticed Donald Byrd in the audience.  Fisher first read from his new book Place which talks about the goegraphy of Lampham County in England.  I hate to say it but I fell alseep through parts of the reading, but that is due to being an old fart of 47.  Later a number of us hiked over to Justins, the setting of several poems by Pierre.  It was another wonderful night of poetry in Albany.