April 5, 2015

Didn’t We Do This in Saratoga?

(for Sally Rhoades & Ken Hada)

I’m not quite sure, but we must’ve done this
in Saratoga, since you keep asking about it
perhaps at Hattie’s with fried chicken, or
was it on stage at Caffe Lena, or
at the 7th Horse Bar afterwards over beer?

It’s not the kind of memory we would have
made up, although we are poets, aren’t we?
And making shit up is what we do, at least
if our wives & husbands are in
the audience, we say we make it up.

I’m sure it wasn’t at the Adelphi Hotel
because that wasn’t either of you, &
it was another night with someone else
but, I’m sure we did this in Saratoga —
didn’t we?

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