April 20, 2015

Albany WordFest - Haiku Battle, April 14

The Tuesday night event was held in the re-modeled dining room of Justin’s on Lark St.,  Samson Dikeman the host. Last year I defeated Samson to win (!) the Haiku Battle, not something I do very often.

But tonight it was a different story — same fine Haiku. The format is single-elimination rounds, best 2 out of 3 wins the round. In the first match-up it was Brian Dorn doing Haiku written with the other poets in the room as subjects, but he was knocked down by Melody Davis’ Nature Haiku. In the 2nd matchup, sex (K.P.’s Haikus) beat my love Haikus.
New-guy up-start Wayne Murphy was easily taken down by Jacky K. & housemates Steven Roberts & Jimmy Snay went toe-to-toe with Jimmy taking the match.

In the 2nd round Melody’s breakup Haikus took out K.P., while Jacky K. won her match with Jimmy Snay, her texting & ex’s Haiku beating his Winter weather.

In the final round it was the best of 5. Jacky K. was the winner with breakup, sex/love & Mulder & Scully winning the hearts of the judges over Melody’s efforts with Nature & 9/11.

I’m not sure that Bashō would approve (or even understand) but the rest of us had a grand time, cheering, groaning, heckling & just enjoying ourselves. Not sure what Jacky K. got for winning, other than our undying admiration (& lust, perhaps); perhaps it was like the Metroland Readers’ Poll — “that & a token…”  Bragging rights do count for something on the street.

There was more of the week left, so let’s see how many more readings I can get to — & write Blogs about.  WordFest 2015 continues.

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