August 15, 2011

Poets at Pine Hollow Arboretum, August 12

This is a recent series under the guidance of Alan Casline, & held at Pine Hollow Arboretum in Slingerlands, under the steardship of John Abbuhl. There was a tour of the arboretum at 6PM, which I missed, before the poetry reading. But I did see a tree as I parked my car on John's front lawn, & that's usually enough for me. The place was quite quite packed. Alan has learned the 2 secrets to having a audience for a poetry reading: have an open mic so people show up to read (not necessarily to listen), or have lots of scheduled poets.

Tonight there 14 poets, plus spouses (spice?), friends, stalkers, etc., & one winsome & occasional guitar player, Jim Williams.

Alan Casline was the MC & introduced each poet with a "tree quote." Of course there were a proliferation of Nature poems, such as Marion Menna's about coyotes & fledgling birds, Virginia Acquario's poems about the Florida Keys, & of course
John Abbuhl's philosophical rhymes starting from his walks outdoors with his notebook. Then there was Howard Kogan's poem about a poetry reading, & Carol Graser's classic piece, "Plastic Factory." Dennis Sullivan managed to conflate summer squash & sex.

Other readers included the MC, Alan Casline, Obeeduid, Therese Broderick, Mimi Moriarty, Tom Corrado, Catherine Connolly, Jim Williams & Mike Burke.

Look for future readings at Pine Hollow Arboretum in the coming months, at 16 Maple Ave., Slingerlands, NY.

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