March 13, 2011

Live from the Living Room, March 9

at the newly re-named Pride Center of the Capital Region. This is always an intimate gathering, this week more so because of Monday's double whammy storm freezing up the sidewalks & parking spaces. Plus, the (legendary/proverbial) Tour Bus couldn't find a parking space & circled Center Square for hours.

But our host, Don Levy was there, as was I, & our featured poet Guy Reed. I like to say that I like to hear Guy read, & tonight was no exception, beginning with "Copper Memories," finding pennies on the floor with scenes etched from memory. Also philosophical were "Speechless" (in March), & in "How the Mind Works," then, being at the Pride Center, considered the gender alternatives in "Gemini." He read a cluster of art-related poems, including "Blue Conveyance" on a sculpture by his father-in-law, "Seeing the Starry Night " (the real thing), & a meditation on a 1958 Rothko painting. "Poetry Fails" is a poem about trying to describe the everyday joys of living one's life, & he ended with "Bat Dream." In between we had lots of discussion on the poems & life.

I tried out my new "Pussy Pantoum" then "My Matisse" based on Thomasa Nielsen's painting. Don shared his new poem/memoir about Paul Weinman, "White Boy."

A cozy gathering on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Pride Center, 332 Hudson Ave., Albany, NY -- usually a featured poet, an open mic, & always straight-friendly.

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