January 17, 2011

“Missing Pieces”

is completed in the Club
endless keyboard playing
a warm cantata
while my failing pens
tell me –
             “become like a painter
               choose your own palette…”

blue ball point to
black pencil to
pink Pilot

to write the blue guitar
the big brown bass
     the indigo of the night café
          red drums sounding like murders

The piano man’s face
is chords of color
minor, augmented
his charts like poems
coming to life
the volume turned up

From across the room
the piano is the key
to the painting, the jazzman’s
head centered like the Sun
as perhaps it is.

(On Wren Panzella’s painting at the UAG Gallery, Albany, NY)


caroleesherwood said...

i like all the color and movement in this! i wrote about jazz today, too!

Anonymous said...

From Therese L. Broderick -- I LOVE the red drums like murders! I love the sound of the phrase, and also the fact that the word "murders" has all the same letters as "red" and as "drums." Great!