November 30, 2010

Poets Speak Loud, November 29

Mary Panza held the mic & our attention, whether we wanted it or not, for this monthly gathering, now at McGeary's on Clinton Square in Albany, NY (in the backroom so we don't offend anyone).

Carolee Sherwood was there early enough to get to sign up anywhere she wanted to on the list & she picked first!, read "On the Approach of Christmas"  & her response to the prompt to write an animal poem, "Madness (another "dead doe at the side of the road" poem).  Find them on her website.

Jason Crane read about the Australian detention camp, "Villawoods" & "It's Not Me It's You," both on his website.

My poems aren't on my website, & after months or years of making light of poetry prompts/pome-a-day projects I ate Crow & read 3 poems written this month, "What Really Happened" (Day 28), "Blame the Prompt" (Day 27) & "The Birds' Poem of Thanks" (Day 25) (but a couple of them are on my FaceBook Notes).

Tess Lecuyer had a hand-written version of her poem of light & love "Winter Solstice 1994" (when Mary Panza was her roommate).  (I couldn't resist using this photo even though it hides Tess' pretty face, sorry)

el presidente, Thom Francis brought us home with 2 new, just-written poems, "Space" ("…make your space…") & the good advice of "Write, Write."

This is where the last Monday of the month open mic, Poets Speak Loud!, has landed after the demise of the Lark Tavern, at McGeary's in Albany, NY near the Palace Theater, 7:30 PM. Come join us.

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