October 18, 2010

Community of Writers -- October 16

This is an annual series sponsored by the Hudson Valley Writers Guild that brings local & regional writers into area libraries. This event was held at the Albany Public Library Main Branch (& was co-ordinated by me).

Kathe Kokolias was the first reader & she began by talking about her experiences living in Mexico, & then reading one of the personal essays from her forthcoming memoir, What Time Do the Crocodiles Come Out? She turned to her first book, Spandex & Black Boots: Essays from an Abundant Life, to read "Adolescence Revisited."

Elizabeth Floyd Mair is a freelance journalist who writes personal essays as well as feature articles on authors, filmmakers and musicians for the Albany Times-Union. She described the ups & downs of interviews, & taking challenging assignments to write about things she knew nothing about. Then on to a personal essay that took us from her childhood freedom to worrying about all the things Mom's have to with a 2-year old.

D. Alexander Holiday has read his poetry at the major venues in the area, & so began with a poem, "Washer Woman Blues." HIs books include Letters to Osama, I Use to Fall Down, & All the Killers Gathered. But it was Holiday's most recent book that he spent his time talking about & reading an extended section. In the Care of Strangers is subtitled The Autobiography of a Foster Child & is the story of a painful coming of age story of a young boy in the literal care of strangers in foster homes & hospitals. A moving story that is a testament of the strength of the human spirit.

For more information about the Hudson Valley Writers Guild & other such programs check out the website www.hvwg.org.

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