June 5, 2010

GROWN FOLK MUSIC presents RAUNCHY THURSDAY's weekly open mic nite!, May 27

A Thursday nite of raunchy, male bashing, woman bashing, battle of the sexes, spoiled relationships, exotic and erotic poetry, accompanied with suitable music to fit your mood. It goes downs when the Grown Folks get to talking mess. You know the old saying "this grown folk business!" At least that's how it's described on Facebook. It sounded right up my alley so I finally checked it out & had a good time.

The hostess/MC was Tanesha (who had come to the benefit for the Lark Tavern at Valentine's), sexy & poetic tonight. I ended up first once again so did my old poem "Phone Sex." Tanesha followed me wondering "Where My Sisters At?" Then she started the next poet off (Poetic Vision) by declaring "Men Ain't Shit" which became PV's poem, taking it as a compliment, turning the phrase around then into a free-style rant, ending with the comparison that "men's minds are like waffles, women's like spaghetti."

Bless jumped in with an incendiary piece that was looking for sympathy for the men, & upping the gender-war ante. I started to look around... Tanesha came back with with a celebration of herself in which she proudly said, "I Declare Myself a Single woman..." The last poet before the break (whose name I didn't catch, if it was even mentioned) did a story from memory about a relationship that fit into the night's theme.

Inpite of all the shouting & lining up on either side of the man/woman split, it was all good fun & smiles & teasing at the break -- phew!, since I knew the price we men pay during gender wars. I'm sure the night went on but I had to get these old bones back home. This takes place every Thursday, about 10PM, at Tandoor Palace on the corner of Lark & Madison. Steel jock-straps recommended.

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