May 5, 2010

44,000 (May 4, 2010)

The scientists who study dreams
the oneirologists, tell us
we dream every night
many times a night

but is it one long dream
like a Fellini movie playing all night
or a string of Bugs Bunny shorts?

In 60 years, in 21,900 nights
I have watched 65,700 movies
if I dreamed only 3 times a night.

And how many movies would you miss
if, say, you were in Ohio at Kent State
or in Mississippi at Jackson State
in May 1970, if you were

Sandra Scheuer
Jeffrey Miller
William Schroeder
Allison Krause

if you were
Phillip Lafayette Gibbs
if you were
James Earl Green

if you were 17, or 19, or 20, or 21 years old

if your dreams were punctured by a bullet?

2 lifetimes ago, dreams not forgotten
dreams lost, movies missed 
more than dreamed in a lifetime

44,000 more than they dreamed in a lifetime


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Great poem Dan! Uncle Don