March 11, 2010

Split-this-Rock Poetry Festival, Wednesday, March 10 - Part 2

Whoops, this is what happens when I start to write up the event late at night, needing to get to bed to be fresh the next AM, then finish it the next morning without going back over my notes.

In my account of the opening ceremony at Busboys & Poets I mentioned Regie Cabico doing intros but forgot to mention who he was introducing. Actually it was 5 fine poets, including winners of Split this Rock's World & Me Youth Poetry Contest & members of the DC Youth Slam Team.

The young poets all read strong pieces. They were Shannon, with a piece on gentrification, Malcolm, Alissa, Molly & Diamonte (with a quirky piece on "Buddha's awkward therapy").  Much too good to have been left out of my last report.

More to come.

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