March 4, 2010

Metrobland Readers' Pole

I did some late night dumpster-diving into Metroland's trash & in addition to hundreds of Dunkin' Donuts cups & wrappers, a couple of used condoms, empty booze bottles (1 each Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka & Jameson), & a pair of panties (size 5), I found the tally sheets for the Readers' Poll. I didn't really care about most of the categories, but for "Best Local Poet" I can report that the votes were as follows:
#1. Mary Panza with 22 (she has a big Italian family & was once a bartender so lots of people know her).
#2. RM Engelhardt with 4 (Rob's vote for himself accounts for 1; I, again this year, voted for him twice; & it appears that Stephen Leon was the other vote).
#3. Dan Wilcox (that's me) with 1 vote, & I know who that was because he told me.

How much you want to bet that Metroland's own staff pick later this year for Best Local Poet will be an academic poet again? & whose panties were in the trash?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Wilcox. This is not a joke message. On the request of a writer named R.M. Engelhardt due to the defamation and slander of said person you have been ordered to cease & desist in the harrassment of Mr. Engelhardt and shall remove ALL BLOGS, ARTICLES AND PHOTOS of said individual which you do not have Mr. Engelhardt's permisson to use. If this order is not met within 24 hours your blog will be entirely removed. Again, this is not a joke and this will happen if you do not cooperate. Google as well as e-blogger have been notified of said slander and defamation of this individual and has been reported & documented as such abuse . Thank you for your cooperation.

Lorre said...

Were they the pink ones with ruffles?