September 15, 2009

Live from the Living Room, September 9

09/09/09 as some kind of magic number perhaps, & a quiet night at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center on Hudson Ave. in Albany. The featured poet didn't show, but the poets (& one listener, the omnipresent Sue Cerniglia) who did show enjoyed talking & reading poems as if they were in someone's living room, as we indeed were.

I read "my" new collaborative poem, "At Peace Week," actually written by folks attending the annual Peace Week at the Quaker Meeting house in Albany in August & arranged/sorted by me (it was today's flyer handed out at the weekly Vigil for Peace in front of the Capitol building today). Bob Sharkey described a project he is working on of poems with titles taken from lines in Molly's soliloquy in Joyce's Ulysses, & read a draft poem "And She Never Left Us." Don Levy, our host, read his poem pondering the phrase "finding God," "The Theology Department's Lost & Found." Don asked, "does God tweet?"

We went around for a second time. I read "Angels" & told how this poem once chased an nun from the cafe in Border's. Bob read another from his project, this one titled "That He Thought He Had." Then Don took us through "The 19 Stages of Duggar" (baby 19 due in March). If you don't know, check out the website!

Always cozy & always "straight friendly," the 2nd Wednesday of each month.