October 21, 2008

Poetry @ the UAG, October 10

Brought to us during the college semesters by Jawbone Reading Series & Albany Poets. Tonight was an uncharacteristic open mic, with Mary Panza keeping us hopping. What is 4 minutes anyway?

Sylvia Barnard, in a change from her recent poems, read "To My Father on His 110th Birthday" (or what would have been). Norris sneaked his guitar in & even got us singing along with his fine finger-picking blues. I decided to resurrect my story of the old poetry scene, "Spy Stories."

A few weeks ago The Poet Essence had been scheduled to read in this series but was unable to make it so Mary let her stretch out a little longer. She gave us 2 of her best: "N-I-G-G-A Speaks" & "It's Not Just Words." Tom took off from that with a rap on being enslaved by words, getting a bit tangled in his own, but a powerful piece too. Randall Horton was once featured in the Jawbone series but I've rarely seen him in the open mic scene; I liked his memoir of life in DC, "Green Line 5 Years Rewind" & "Train Rain to NYC."

Unfortunately, Chris Rizzo did not read any of his own poetry, but fortunately he read from another fine poet, Gerrit Lansing, "In Erasmus Darwin's Generous Light" (the grandfather of Charles Darwin & a poet & naturalist). A new face, Canella (hope I got the spelling correct) performed from memory "The Eulogy of a Dope Fiend." And Adam Hoyt did 3 of his short rhymes, the last, "Prejudice," a bit too preachy, but the first one "Strawberry Shortcake" had more fine images.

The series continues to November 14, then hopefully begins again next semester, at the UAG Gallery, 247 Lark St., Albany, NY with free coffee from Scratch Bakery-Cafe.