February 10, 2008

Stand Up!

Everyonceinawhile I like to get back to some of the basic concepts here in this little corner of cyberspace to remind us all about what we're doing here.

Everyone knows who writes this Blog -- it's me, Dan Wilcox. You can respond with a comment, or send an email directly to me from the Blog by using the email link, (you can even use my email to sign me up for lists I wouldn't want to be on, if that is your own sick sense of humor); hell, some of you even know where I live, my phone number, can visit me, call me up. But I don't know who you are in the comments on my Blog unless you acknowledge your comments in some way.

When you place a comment on this Blog, unless you have your own Blog on Blogspot.com, then your email address is not displayed & you are designated "Anonymous." Most of you who comment sign your name or your initials or a tag or some such identifying mark so I know who your are. But there are some others who don't, & who hide behind the mask of "Anonymous." There is nothing to stop someone from doing that, but I tend to ignore unattributed messages, like crank phone calls or calls from telemarketers.

To leave an unsigned comment, like an anonymous letter in real-mail, is cowardice. If you believe in what you say, sign it. I do, that's why you respond to my Blog, you know who I am. I expect the same courtesy.