November 11, 2007

Print poems v. Perf' po v. Vispo

[Dan Wilcox with his soul scroll in a poem box at the Lionheart in June, 1999.]

In case you missed it, the response to my November 5 Blog, "Print poems v. Perf' po" included comments from Mary Kathryn Jablonski who rightly reminded me about visual poetry, i.e., poetry made into visual art work. How could I forget? Some of you may remember my "soul scroll in a poem box" that I used to unroll at readings & was even exhibited at the old Center Galleries in an art-book exhibit. Anyway, Mary Kathryn's comments included a link to her (currently quiescent) Blog, but in her comment the link is mangled (I once cited her Blog in my Blog about the March 7 Caffe Lena reading).

The link to her Blog is The February 2007 entry contains a link to the visual poetry exhibit that was at Skidmore. Also check out her interviews with Denise Duhamel & others.