February 18, 2007

"Behind the Egg", Saturday, Feb. 17

How do I write about my own reading? As I said (see last Blog) I'm not writing reviews (but then ole uncle Walt wrote his own reviews of "Leaves of Grass"), but can I also "appreciate" myself, as Walt once "celebrated" himself? Maybe I can "report" on myself, which I will do.

So, on Saturday, Mary Panza & I read at "Behind the Egg" the erstwhile series at Point 5 on Madison Ave. (between Lark & Dove) in Albany. The conjunction of "the Egg" with streets named after birds must be symbolic of something. The storefront room is small but with the audience in attendance it was perfect & we would have been lost in the Knickerbocker Arena. I have tremendous affection for Sylvia, Pierre, Nicole, Nancy, Tim, & a bevy of young honies who showed up to hear an old poet of the city read (re-cycled) love poems, & then proclaim, while reading Mary Panza's poem about the Virgin Mary at the Lancome counter at Macy's, that "I have Nana Panza's big fat ass."

Of course, Mary proved she did too & ripped new holes in poseurs' bodies & psyches, bared her love for her new daughter while poking holes in "motherhood" & finished with reading one of my poems.

With all the good-will energy of Dan Nester & Erik Sweet putting this series together why aren't more poets there? Where are the poets who have already read in this series? Where are the poets who have been invited to read in the upcoming weeks (I know Joe was in Florida)? "Where Were the Professors?" is not just about the Professors anymore.

For more information on Point 5 check out www.federationofideas.org.