January 11, 2007

Live from the Living Room, at the Capital District Gay & Lesbian Community Center

Don Levy's always-cozy open mic on Wed., Jan. 10, had Tim Verhagen the featured poet, a somewhat reluctant feature to begin with, then, during the reading enjoyed the attention he was receiving from a room of fellow poets, both straight & gay. Tim's poems use repetition, both end-rhyme & parallelism, repeated phrases, & list poems ("start-rhyme" ?). He is out as a gay poet, & needs to be out in the open mic scene.

Also read:
Mimi Moriarity (who announced she has a book forthcoming from Fishline Press & we're impressed), Pat Dyjak (like Rachel, who was also there, another academic writing real poetry), Me (of course), Don (of course, a couple poems from his series of gay fantasies), & Gary Yaeger (Robert Service, et al.). And Rachel, who just listened, talked about memorizing, & Alex who wandered in to look for a friend.

Next one is Feb.14 with feature by Pierre Joris -- always the 2nd Wed.

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Anonymous said...

FROM THERESE--Sorry I missed it. Sounds like a good reading. Maybe the "start-rhyme" was alliteration?