January 31, 2007


What would Anne Sexton had written
I mean if I were a woman and she me
with three kids, some keeping her up all night
others late for school
and I'm trying to write
do the dishes, cook on weekends
go to work: the job that dulls
in litanies of meetings and denials?

Would she write about the job
the getting up each morning
so that every two weeks
there's a pay check so the kids
and wife can eat, sleep
in a warm house, go
to the doctor's when they need to?

Would she write about
the attention the kids get
while I could die
and not be buried until
the stink got too much?

Would she write about sex
alone in the crowded bed
filled with headache and fatigue?

Or would she not bother?
Would she just go into
the gargage, start the car
and just forget to go anywhere?